AMI Inflight Acquires The Hoffman Group

Santa Monica, CA – December 10, 2014

Effective December 10th , AMI Inflight, a division of AMI Holdings acquired The Hoffman Group. After close evaluation, it became apparent the two product portfolios would blend well together. “This will give us the opportunity to better serve our customers’ needs by offering a wider range of products” said Denise Poole, CEO of AMI Inflight. It is the goal of both The Hoffman Group and AMI Inflight to make this an easy and seamless transition.

About AMI Inflight

AMI Inflight, a division of AMI Holdings, is a company specialized in the sales and marketing of food and beverage products. The company’s focus is the global travel market. With a team of sales and marketing specialists located around the world, AMI Inflight guarantees the highest level of service. The company’s diversified portfolio of international brands as well as custom products fits a wide range of our customers’ needs.

About The Hoffman Group

The Hoffman Group is a unique food sales and marketing company. The company operates as a specialty food brokerage with focus on the passenger service industry – serving airlines, rail and cruise ships, as well as their respective suppliers. The companies we represent are leading manufacturers in their fields with product lines that include Bakery, Seafood, Meat, Cheese, Potatoes, Desserts, Snacks, Nuts, Beverages and more